Win Big Bucks at the April 2020 Fair

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How Would You Like $500, $250, $100, $50?

That’s right.  We’re giving away the big bucks at the April 18, 2020 Children’s Business Fair.  Kids can do a lot with $500, $250, $100 or even $50, right?  In the past, we’ve given $50 to 1 business in each of four age group categories.  For our Spring 2020 fair, we’re ramping up the payoff for your hard work and commitment to your business and the fair.

The  Southeastern Credit Union Foundation will award cash prizes ranging from $50 to a $500 prize and the MBCBF Youth Entrepreneurship Training & Development (YETDP) will award a $250 prize.

We’re still ironing out the details but you’ll find the gist of it MBCBF Application.  Earn points right away by completing an application to the fair and we’ll award you points, once you’ve been accepted.

Below are additional ways to earn points PLUS we may randomly announce bonus points so stay alert.

Possible points  

5 Points each awarded by SFCU for the following

  • watching webinar and completing the action item request in the webinar (check separate email for webinar file).
  • Due February 8:  Program overview, chance to ask questions, starting Biz Plan
  • February 15:  Submit Business Plan draft, discuss ideas and challenges ([email protected])
  • February 22:  Open discussion
  • February 28: Turn in business plan on time ([email protected])
  • Use this guide for helpful tips and a great business plan template:

Points awarded by MBCBF

  • 10 points upon acceptance to the fair
  • 10 points for submitting a high quality updated photo 
  • 20 points for your updated, distraction free 1 minute or less video (state name, business name, what you are selling, why you are participating and what results you expect). Include the name of the fair, Metro Birmingham Children’s Business Fair and the date, April 18, 2020. You can upload the video here 
    • HEADSHOT AND VIDEO:  Timeliness of submission is extremely important as it will help us to properly promote your business so that we can draw the maximum number of customers to the fair.  
    • VIDEO REQUIREMENT FOR OUR USE: If you use your cell or smart phone for video, please turn your camera in such a way that prevent a black screen on both sides of the video.  For example, with iPhones, turn camera sideways when recording.  Video that are blacked out on both sides will not be accepted and promoted. Preview before sending to ensure proper orientation.
  • 5 points for every 6 to 16 year old that you refer to the fair to participate.  In order to get the points,
    • they must complete our official application, pay the application fee, and be accepted to the fair.
    • Put the name of the child that referred them in Question #2 field (please name source) on the application
  • 10 points for Junior Board Member essay.  See guidelines here.
  • 20 points for attending January 9, 2020 Birmingham Business Resource Center workshop and tour of Innovation Depot. Click here for more info.  Registration is REQUIRED to attend.
  • 15 Points for January 18 Workshop:  Public Relations with Ronda Robinson
  • 15 points for February 8 Dress for Success Workshop 
  • 15 points for March workshop (TBD)
  • 25 points for attending the March 21, 2020 Meet & Greet at the YMCA Youth Center to talk about logistics for fair day, answer questions, past participant will share their best advice and strategies for success.
  • 10 points for actual participation on fair day.
  • Earn more points by participating in other MBCBF Youth Development & Training program activities between now and fair day. We’ll announce activities and dates as they become available. Some but not all of the activities will require attendance.

The Fair participant with the most MBCBF points (>= 100 points) as of the day of the fair will win $250 from MBCBF.  If there is a tie, we will have a drawing to select a winner.  If highest points equal less than 100, we will draw 5 names and award $50 to each participant whose name we draw.  The SFCU BizKids Showcase points and cash prizes are awarded separately by SCFU.  The winner of the $500 cash prize will be from only one of the following Showcases:

  • Metro Birimingham Children’s Business Fair
  • Tuscahoosa BizKids Showcase OR
  • Huntsville BizKids Showcase