Sommar and London Thedford

A Sommar in London (ASIL)

A Sommar in London was created by Sommar with a mission to give hope to kids that have lost parents to violence and to single mothers she wants to give them hope by putting little pieces of her positive light into their lives and to show them they can still push through.  She plans on makeing donations on holidays to these families from her proceeds to help with toys, housing and school supplies.

Their names are Sommar and London they have now included their baby brother into their business.
The clothing line name came from all of them sharing a piece of each other
The ( A)represents their newborn brothers middle name which is A’Unisti  Somma’r which is pronounced Summer is the oldest girl she’s the graphic designer and ceo of the company.
London, the middle girl, the Co-CEO is the accessory queen.  She also helps market through catchy phrases and music.
Next you have A’Unisti pronounced as A Honesty coming in with the baby bibs and onesies on the Knowledge addition  this is an amazing family hoping to inspire and uplift yours.
The name is one that makes you think outside of whatever place you may be standing while wearing it it gives hope to those trapped in low income areas hopes of living better growing being all they can be no matter where they are or who says they can’t be great
The clothing line is named : (A Somma’r in London) aka (ASIL)
They will be selling : t-shirts headbands accessories and much more.  The reason they choose to participate to show other kids that you can push through anything with art and by expressing yourself and being who you are and except yourself.
What is expected: They expect to expand their business and to set a new trend of promoting self confidence and removing better yet destroying insecurities through their clothing and accessories