Jaina Burrell

Pop Sugar Co.

Jaina Burrell has been a budding entrepreneur for years. She started at age 4 … decided to setup shop, outside our apartment one day, in the cold in an attempt to sell toys to all our neighbors 🙂 Around age 5 she participated in our neighborhood yard sale and around age 9 she wanted to do it again. We now live in a neighborhood full of dog owners. She decided to setup a doggy treat stand outside our home, selling doggy treats to dog-owners in our neighborhood for $1 each. It was a hit and within just an hour and a half, she made $40 in sales and donations. She is writing a book to help kid business owners see their target market and design products specifically for them.Nathan Burrell is also a budding entreprenuer who will be assisting Jaina. He has a toyshop called Nathan’s Toy Extravaganza.