Press Release

Metro Birmingham Children’s Business Fair #5 is Gearing Up

Two years later and we are still going strong. On April 18, 2020, the Metro Birmingham Children’s Business Fair will hold its 5th fair at the Downtown YMCA Youth Center (2400 7th Avenue N, Birmingham, AL 35203).

As we are gearing up for the April fair, people may be wondering what our key to success is. It’s really very simple: the kids. When we started the fair in 2017 we knew that if we let kids be free to create using their own imaginations that they would mobilize and delightfully be energized to create something of their very own and we were right. Since our inception we have had well over 120 kids participate in the fair.

The Metro Birmingham Children’s Business Fair offers kids an entrepreneurial experience and avenue designed with them in mind. We give them the educational tools and resources to succeed by way of our recently established (Nov 2019) Youth Entrepreneurship Training Workshops. Kids that attend the workshops will be prepared to speak confidently and effectively with consumers, they will have their elevator pitch down to a science, they learn to always be prepared to tell others about what they do, and how they were inspired to do it. Thus far we have had workshops on the following topics: financial literacy, public relations, dressing for success, writing a bio, public speaking and our last workshop before the fair is titled “Let’s Become Authors.”

In the past, we have had as many as 400 consumers attend a single fair to shop with our biz savvy kids. We take surveys after every event and the public, to date, has not been disappointed. They tell us they are blown away by the kids.

The fair is open to kids ages 6 to 16 and we are still accepting applications at In order to limit the number of like products at the fair, we are no longer accepting: food items, popular boys and girl’s bracelets (silicone, rubber band, braided, etc., bath bombs). More exclusions may be added as applications continue to increase.

Free tickets for youth to attend our Youth Entrepreneurship Training Workshops can be found on EventBrite as well as free consumer tickets to attend the fair. Sign your kids up are tell a friend with kids about this opportunity. Whether you have kids or not be sure to come and support our young entrepreneurs.