Our Mission

To introduce 6 to 16 year-old children to the concept and viability of entrepreneurship as a career option.

Our Vision

To empower youth to take control of their future.

The Path to Entrepreneurship

Our goal at Metro Birmingham Children’s Business Fair is to start kids to thinking about entrepreneurship early in life. As far back as 50 years or more, doctor, fireman, nurse, teacher, etc have been the answers to the age old question:  what do you want to be when you grow up.  These responses have been kids steadfast answers. While those are all honorable and noble professions and we are in no way diminishing the value of the above-named professions. However, never have I heard a child say that they want to grow up and be in business for themselves.  They always think in terms of jobs whereby their paths are largely controlled by others. In a world where job security is anything but secure, we should help kids to explore other options that are available other than finishing college and getting a job.

Entrepreneurship Begins With Imagination

Kids have the most active imaginations and are the world’s greatest dreamers and believers.  Unfortunately, those dreams can sometimes be discounted or diminished by adults.  Kids naturally believe that there is no limit to achievement and they are correct.  Limits oftentimes set by someone else whose potential may have been cut short.  Or perhaps by adults long ago left behind the wonder of a child’s imagination.  We can all learn something from children possibilities rather than impossibilities.

The Metro Birmingham Children’s Business Fair wants to help kids unleash their imagination and creativity.  No idea that brings joy, enlightenment, creativity, helpfulness and sparks dialogue, could ever be a bad idea.

Do your child a favor and register him/her for the Metro Birmingham Children’s Business Fair and watch in amazement what your child can do if left to his/her own imagination.  We want whatever their little 6 to 16-year-old hands create on their very own.

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