September 18, 2019

Tons of Fun at the July 20 PROJECT YES AND MBCBF

They Bought Their A-Game! At our recent fair on July  20, 2019, these kids were not messing around.  They meant business, no diggity, no doubt.  There were products such as baked goods, jewelry, handmade pillows, body scrubs, bath bombs, nail polish, seasonings, and so much more.  Too many to name here. We are not accepting […]

We Are METRO Birmingham Children’s Business First

Yes METRO is Capitalized on Purpose We like to put an emphasis on “Metro” so that people don’t think that we are just an organization that serves the city of Birmingham.  While we call it Metro Birmingham, some may like to use the term “Greater” Birmingham.  Either way, our target audiences are children that live […]

A Mid-Summer Children’s Business Fair

SAVE THE DATE You’ve been hearing about us for over a year now: Metro Birmingham’s Premiere Children’s Business Fair (Expo). We set the standard for your kids’s success in business and in life. Check out our photo gallery:https://bit.ly/2H5bUEt. Check out Steps 1 thru 5 below and be a part of it all. 1. EVERYONE: Save […]

Tristan C. Hill Accidental Entrepreneur

The Accidental 8-Year-Old Entrepreneur This is Tristan Hill.  When Tristan was 8 years old, he and his little sister were tinkering around with paint.  The results were 2 very creative works of art. He jokingly asked his Mom if she wanted to buy them and she said yes (no surprise there).  So what happened next? […]