Signing Up is Ridiculously Easy

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So How Do I Participate in the Fair?

We are so glad that you asked because signing up just can’t get any easier than this.  After kids decide that they just have to, have to participate in this awesome event, the next thing that will need to happen is that

  1.  They’ll need to create a business (if they don’t already have one).
  2.  Determine what products or services are going to be sold
  3. Complete the online application
  4. Pay application fee

What we do when we receive the application

  1. Once the application has been complete, we’ll review it and reach out to clarify information (if necessary).
  2. We’ll send an emailing notifying that the application has been approved (Yay).
  3. The email will contain some steps that the applicant and parents need to take
  4. You’ll be informed of what comes next and how to prepare for the fair
  5. We’ll provide you with the info so that you can attend the participant launch (meet and greet event).


See there.  I told you it was simple.  Once accepted, participants need to start planning and getting their inventory together. The business plan template that we provide will help to gauge how much product will me needed on the day of the fair.

You might still have questions after being accepted, but not to worry, we won’t keep you hanging.  Just ask any of our past participants or their parents.  They’ll tell you that we are really quick to respond, so don’t hesitate to ask.