Tristan and Cai Hill

TeeCeeTees & Liquid Art

Tristan Hill is 9 years old and is in the 4th grade.  He loves football and is a star player for the Hoover Bucs.  He also likes trying new science experiments.  He likes to paint, watch movies and play video games.

Cai Hill is currently 5 years old and will be turning 6 one week after the October 6th fair.  She just started kindergaren and was super excited when she came home from the first day of school.  Cai loves gymnastics and has been doing that for about a year.  She’d like to try ballet next and expects to be doing that soon.  She loves loves loves to paint and draw.

Tristan and Cai started TeeCeeTees and Liquid Art for the Fall Children’s Business Fair and they will be selling tie-dyed and handpainted t-shirts and artwork.

Like a lot of siblings, they fuss and fight, but as you can see, Cai has nothing but total admiration for her big brother.