Jazzie Jelks

Jazzie Handbags

Jazzie Jelks is a 14 year old homeschooled artist and entrepreneur.  Jazzie is a creative spirit with a love for fashion.   She is an artist who loves creating pencil drawings and dancing.  Jazzie has been dancing ballet, tap and jazz since the age of three.  Jazzie aspires to be a successful fashion influencer and teen novelist.  Jazzie authored and illustrated her first children’s books at the tender age of seven.  She told her mom that she wanted to see her books in her local library.  So, her mother took the completed books to the local library where they used the books during reading time for toddlers.  Jazzie also started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of eight when she began creating jewelry and sold it to her family and friends.  Her latest adventure is “Jazzie Handbags.”  Her handbags are fun, fashionable and innovative.  She creates crocheted handbags as well as handbags made from recycled denim jeans.  Jazzie cares deeply about leaving a healthy planet for future generations and plans to donate a portion of her profits to organizations that support that mission.