Ja’Cayla McGhee

Ja’Cayla The Slime Princess

Ja’Cayla Shoniece McGhee is 12 years old and is in the seventh grader.  She loves to sing, dance, cheer, swim, do her fingernails and hair, draw, and create art, slime and cook.

Ja’Cayla loves making slime because it’s calming. It also allows her to be as creative as she wants to be! When she first got started she only made it for herself. Then friends and family started asking her to make slime for them.

She wanted to start a slime shop to put extra cash in her pocket and help her parents pay for some of the things she needs. After thinking about it, she came up with Ja’Cayla the Slime Princess as well an awesome logo.

Now that it’s a business she’s had several orders. Ja’Cayla is an only child so it’s just her and her parents.  She says “I am really thankful for how close my family is! Having them support me makes starting my business even the more special!”